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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Intro - The Bear

Hello all. Let me introduce myself I am Bear. A dear Friend of The Mad Hatter. I wanted to introduce myself and to let you all know a little bit about me. I am 35 years old, private chef, lives with his two brothers Alex and Nick, father David and step-mother April and a dog named Yukon. I have been suffering from P.T.S.D. from an accident (victim of a felony hit and run) that almost took my life two years ago and I have been going though legal, health as well as mental issues that has been caused by the accident. So at times I don't make sense even in my own mind. Lol...

I was talking to The Mad Hatter today and she wanted to relay a message to you all. She is indispose as of right now due to a glitch with her internet connection. She dose not want all of you to worry and that she will be back as soon as she can and update you all as soon as she gets her internet glitch fixed.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Nail Polish!!!!!!!

    Those who know me well, know I love wild colors. And they will most likely tell you that I have a love for nail polish as well. Over the years I had gotten enough nail polish to have a pretty massive collection. Sadly I lost the entire collection in one small incident that resulted in my kitchen floor becoming "Art Deco". And me spending 3 days in ICU with various injuries. I am positive that you are now thinking "How the hell did her nail polish collection end with her in the ICU?" Umm, take it from this Madhatter, never, ever keep your collection of polish in a basket. On top of your refrigerator. Never, ever attempt to grab said basket from said refrigerator after retiling your kitchen floor and then mopping it with Pledge Mop n Shine crap (like the Swiffer mop). Bad idea. Very bad idea. 

  I had spent a weekend redoing the kitchen floor in a house I was renting to own at the time.  I was so stinking proud of myself for redoing it with NO help. And I had never laid linoleum or tile before. I mopped the finished  floor with my Pledge Mop and cloths.  I decides that I needed a pamper me session. Being the idiot that I can be at times, I pushed a chair up to the fridge. Grabbed that big basket of polish. Stop snickering. Okay, stop laughing. I know that you know where this is headed. But I bet there will be a few surprises for you. So I grabbed the basket. Right about the time I grabbed the basket, the chair went flying out from under me. I swear it seemed like slow motion. So s-l-o-w. I hit the floor and landed on my back. Basket of polish went flying. Bottles of color, went flying.  I broke every single rib on my left side. Broke my elbow. Dislocated and broke a portion of my shoulder. Sprained and dislocated my left wrist. When my ribs broke, one lacerated my spleen. Another rib punctured my left lung. And a third rib, punctured the lining around my heart. I drove myself to the hospital by the way. The nurses and doctors in the ER started calling me "The Art Deco lady". The initial assessment missed the punctured lung, lacerated spleen and the punctured lining of my heart. In actuality they only caught 4 broken ribs at that time. They fixed me up with what they had diagnosed. Gave me pain medication and sent me home.  That night was rough. So very rough. I couldn't get enough relief to actually sleep. It felt like I could hardly breathe. By morning I was struggling to breathe all together. I was having to take shallow, short,  quick  breaths. Which just made me lightheaded and nauseous.  I was still married to the ex at the time, so I called him at work and he knew immediately that something was wrong. By the time he got there, I was passed out. The ER then discovered the punctured lung, the spleen, the tear in the lining of my heart and the rest of the broken ribs.  My abdomen was filled with blood from the lacerated spleen. I was so happy when they hooked up that IV and pumped heavy pain meds in. They moved me to ICU, which is where I stayed for 3 days. After I was finally able to go home, it took me 12 weeks to recover.  All from a small 1-2 foot fall off a chair. 

  Anyways, back to the wild colors and nail polish I love. I am slowly rebuilding my collection. In the meantime I have found some awesome swatch pictures from others who love nail polish as much as I do. Let me show you some of whats on my list of colors I want to get.

Oh and I LOVE glitters

The Madhatter is sick...UH OH

 I am not feeling too well these days. My feet look like someone took an air pump and blew them up. My hands decided to follow suit this morning. I struggled with the realization that for the first time ever, I can't wear my rings. I have never taken my rings off.  I seriously wondered if it was a serious health issue. Apparently not. It is from my allergies and the humidity that has been ramped up so high here in Florida. All I know, is I wish Mother Nature would give me a small break. I am retaining water so much that I have to take  diuretics  now. Did I mention that this Madhatter HATES medication. And doctors. And Hospitals. 

   Have I ever mentioned that I am a huge Marilyn Monroe fanatic? Well in that case I am saying it now. I am a HUGE MM fanatic. A friend sent me some pictures he had found online. I really want prints of some of them. Here are a few of my favorites.

I so love Marilyn Monroe

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Neptune Beach, April 2013

Some shots of Neptune Beach, April 2013

The image below, you can't see with great detail but, there are some baby seagulls near the incoming tide. I watched them for about an hour. Watched as they would walk along the beach and then run like a road runner when the tide would ebb back in.

This one below, was mesmerizing. It was like being hypnotized. 

Wendi digging her toes into the wet sand, looking for shells. This particular trip to the beach, was after we had worked all day doing several trash outs.

-peeks in-

I know it has been a good minute since you saw a post from me.  I didn't fall off the face of the earth. Although at times I wished I had. I was busy Yes, that crazy thing called life. I suppose that would be as good a description as any. 
 When I went MIA back in March, I was in the middle of repainting the living room, dining room, office, hallway and kids bathroom. I finished them. Thankfully. It turned out pretty nice. I still need to repaint the kitchen, master bath and master bedroom. Along with C & D's room. I also need to repaint Cherokee and Shawnee's room as well. But that can wait. For now. Back in April our property preservation business ( Bleu Wolf Properties & Preservations  and Bleu Wolf Properties on FB) suddenly took off. As if the Queen had  said "Off with  their  heads!". However, despite securing several large contracts with National and International companies, business has slowed down. I am glad that we have our  1mil insurance policy for the business though. It is instrumental in securing contracts. The more contracts we get, the more income it brings in. We are working on securing some contracts in Oklahoma, where my family lives. 

  Speaking of Oklahoma, Mother Nature seems to be over her little tirade against them. For now. When the May 20th tornado hit Moore, I freaked. No one could get a hold of my sister in law. No one knew where my nieces and nephews were. Nor if they were injured or alive. I felt helpless being here in Florida. I wanted nothing more than to be in Oklahoma with my family. I was a basket case. Finally I got the call that they were okay. I felt as if every bit of tension had drained from my body. Then the next round of tornadoes hit. This time hitting Yukon (where my ex, the kids father, lives) and coming unbelievably close to my parents and brothers homes. Again. Cue all the tension, stress and manic panic. Again. Thankfully my family made it through unscathed. I am glad Mother Nature has given them a reprieve from whatever transgression she is punishing them for. 

  Well my little moons and stars, this Mad Hatter needs to go for the day. Have fun. And remember....."We are all mad here"


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