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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Excerpt from Soul Thief ©2009 DARK - RCWK

Below is an excerpt from a book that my oldest daughter and I are writing, for fun. It gives us something to do together =)

Prelude: Introduction
Don’t ever trust a woman…especially one that is a Soul thief.

Archaeden paced the length of the parlor as he studied Raen, not sure how to take her news. Quietly he stroked the stone in his hand. “Raen, you don’t want to do this. Are you even sure this will work? This soul is different from the others and you know that Raen.” Arc studied her face, looking for a small clue in Raen’s eyes….but yet he couldn’t find even a hint of what was really in her mind. It always made him uneasy when he couldn’t break through the barriers of her mind. It meant only one thing…..Raen was pissed and she was out for blood. Neither were ever a good thing when Raen was involved. He had learned long ago, that Raen Da’nal was not the woman you wanted to piss off and she sure wasn’t the one you wanted to be on the wrong side with. Raen, was ….different, she had a charm that surrounded her, making her irresistible to all. Her eyes a cold, hard silver, they never betrayed her intentions. Raen was deadly in all sense of the word and he knew what awaited the poor soul she was tasked with taking this time. This was going to be a messy one and he knew it.
“Arc, I’m a Soul Thief, I was created with one single thought in mind, to steal the souls of those who prey on innocents like Danae. If you want to take that issue up with Zeus then do so, but I have to protect her, and if that means using the deadliest of my skills to lure him out of hiding and away from her….I will. Don’t give me grief over my tactics, you know I dislike having to employ such means to get the job done.” Raen fingered the lightweight cloak that covered her slender frame. “I will do what needs to be done, that bastard’s soul will be mine and he will never prey on another innocent as long as I have any say in the matter. He’ll realize he pissed off the wrong woman Arc. One he underestimated, and one he never should have trusted in the first place. I knew what my purpose was when I was sent after him. I did what I had to do to get him to trust me. And to answer your question Arc….yes I’m sure this will work. It’s never failed me before and it won’t this time. You know I don’t lose at the game. I don’t intend to start now.”
Arc stood silently, unsure of how to take the mental back lash Raen gave him as she walked from the room. He was never sure of how to take the strong emotions Raen was prone to. He understood all too well the struggle she faced on a daily basis. He knew she was angry over Drimgorrion and the fact that he was preying on Danae. He understood that but why was Raen suddenly beyond her own threshold for anger. What had Drimgorrion done that had caused her to make the decision to use her deadliest skill to deal with him? It had to be bad, and whatever it was, he would be there to ensure that Raen was safe. May the Gods have mercy on that soul, because he knew Raen would hold no mercy for it when she finally managed to take it. Arc put the stone back in his pocket and grabbed his hooded cloak as he strode thru the doors and silently followed Raen, making sure to stay hidden in the shadows.

Raen cursed under her breath. How the hell had Arc managed to keep track of her movements? She thought she had thoroughly confused him with all the twists and turns she had taken. Damn him for being so good at keeping her in his sights. Athena was right, never think you can give a night walker the slip, they use every sense and gift that Artemis ever bestowed upon them. If she couldn’t lose Arc, she’d have to delay him as best as she could. Raen admired the fact that he only did it because he loves her, but she needed to do it alone this time. She didn’t want him getting hurt, because this time…..she would stop at nothing. Drimgorrion’s soul would be her’s, but not before she tortured him some first.

- Chapter 1 -

The Goddess of Destiny always has a way of sneaking back in on you when you least expect it, especially if she is pissed and holds onto memories of injustice.

Risk let her mind wander as she watched Raen silently, taking her back to a more contemplative moment, a harsher memory. A moment in time that she wished she could erase. Her eyes clouded over in pain as she recalled a much unhappier moment of her existence, a time when she was known as another.
Being the goddess of destiny and being as pissed as she was, she could easily rip my head off in no time, Daera thought to herself. Even though Daera was the goddess of force and was powerful, Ananke was pissed and when she's pissed anyone who messed with her had a death wish. Daera slowly approached Ananke's cold, dark holding chambers, she felt the powerful presence of the goddess and she was extremely pissed.
"To what do I owe this presence? Come to torture me same more? Or maybe you're here to kill me over and over again." Ananke said in a harsh tone. Daera stood here. She actually felt sorry for her. After everything Ananke had been through, she understood why she was so pissed and wanted revenge on the gods and goddesses, including herself, who had betrayed and abandoned her.
"No, Ananke, That's not why I'm here." she tried saying in her softest tone. "Then why is the almighty Goddess of Force standing before me?" Ananke said sarcastically. Daera looked down at the goddess. Ananke was always beautiful even when she had been beaten. She stood 6'2" with black hair and sparkling blue eyes. She wore an old torn, black gown. She was chained to the back of the dark cell to keep her from attacking.
"To free you." she whispered. "Don't tell me you're going soft, Daera." Ananke said sarcastically. "Why are you going to help me? Remember, I'm the one who betrayed and abandoned you and the other gods. And in all reality you and the others betrayed and abandoned me. I don't want your help." she said harshly. The moment those words left her mouth, images, voices, and visions came through her mind. "Oh, so that's why you were going to help. You honestly thought they wouldn't turn on you too? You're such a fool."
"I was a fool, and I'm sorry." Daera said softly.
"You honestly think you can say sorry and everything will be okay? Because you know what, it won't! It won't bring back my child! It won't get me my revenge," she said hatefully. "Of course I know that, but I'm so sorry for what I did, for what they did." Daera said hopefully.
"I thought you were my friend, but instead you turned, betrayed and abandoned me. You held me down, While I watched them kill my child. I don't need your help, I'll get out myself and when I do you better watch your back." Ananke said as she turned her back.
"I was your friend, Ana. And I still am. I swear it."
"So you made me watch as my child died because you were my friend? You're such a bitch. Get out of my sight." Ananke's eyes turned to a blood lust red.
Daera slowly turned to leave and then turned to face Ananke "I will prove to you I'm sorry, I swear it." Daera turned and left Ananke to cool down. She tried to keep the tears from falling but it was no use. It was horrible seeing Ananke like that. She was being beaten everyday for an innocent act of love for a child who was her life and soul. But if she ever knew the truth it would make her even more pissed. Give her some time to cool down, Daera thought to herself.


Ananke tried to stop the tears from falling as all the emotions cut through her heart, but she couldn't. She remembered the precious, innocent face of her daughter, how she giggled, how she used to come to her when she got hurt, how she would read her stories about the wonderful princess who one day would find her Prince Charming every night before bed.
"I'm so sorry, Sweetie" Ananke hoped her daughter would hear her and tell her everything was going to be okay. "Damn you, Zeus! No, damn all of you!" Ananke yelled. How could they do this to me after everything I did for them? Ananke asked herself. That day was the worst day of her life. She felt the pain every minute. As the pain from that day rushed through her, the memories danced in her broken heart.
"Momma, Look at what I found." Adrastea said cheerfully. Ananke looked down at the precious face and smiled. She was holding a small brown kitten in her little hands, trying not to drop it. Adrastea stood there smiling up at her mother with those big blue eyes that would make you melt and give her anything she wanted, all she had to do was look at you. Unlike Ananke she had blond hair. She was only five years old but she acted a lot older. "Aww...Sweetie, it's adorable, but don't you think it's mommy misses it? I know I would if I lost you." Ananke said softly. Adrastea gave her a puppy dog face but then she smiled. "Yea, I think it misses it's mommy too, I go put it back." Adrastea said innocently. "I love you, Adrastea. You know that right?" Ananke gave her a quick kiss on her forehead. "Yea, I know and I love you too mommy, more than anything." Adrastea smiled before skipping off toward where she had found the kitten. "Ananke?" a familar voice asked. Ananke smiled after her daughter before turning to the familar voice. She smiled as she saw the messenger of the gods, Hermes. Hermes was the shortest of the gods. Standing at 5'8" he still had a powerful presence. His short brown hair waved in the wind as he stood. His leafy green eyes twinkled with trouble. He wore a white tunic and a silver helmet with wings which allowed him to fly. He held his winged sapphire staff in his right hand as he floated over her head. "Hermes, what brings you by?" Ananke asked.

Risk's eyes blurred with tears as she pulled herself back to reality and out of her memories. Furious with herself for reliving the memories, she stood up and dusted off . The time would come when those who had betrayed her, would pay for what they had done. Risk turned her face up to the black night, watched as the chase took place yet again. Eventually the thunder would catch its prey, and like the thunder, Risk would catch her prey. those who had betrayed her....would pay the ultimate price for that betrayal.
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