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About Us

A little about me? But I don't wanna...ok ok...

My name is Desarei, I am mama to 11 beautiful children. I have been an artist and photographer for a great number of years, but I am by no means the greatest out there. Some of my work is "okay", others are "fantastic", but at this point, I honestly don't care so long as its good enough for me. I started my own business about 20 yrs ago, right after I married my first husband and I love it. I have learned that it doesn't matter what others think of you, its what you think of yourself. If people can not love you for who you are and not who or what they want you to be, then you don't really need them. You have to love yourself before you can expect anyone else to love you. I am not perfect, I have my flaws and faults. Accept them and take me as I am, or stay away out of my life. I home-school and I have the world's greatest best friend.

Hope to see you around =)


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